Tanzania is the home of Serengeti National park. The park has different animals that can keep you busy enough, but the biggest attraction is what is called the Great Migration.

The great migration as it is commonly known is the movement of about two million wildebeest. Zebras and antelopes accompany the wildebeest. It is such a fascinating site to see, definitely worth making the trip.

If you are planning to visit the Serengeti, there are some things you need to remember to make your trip a memorable time instead of a nightmare.

Have a tour Guide with you

Guides are professionals who have learned the animal’s behaviors. The tour guides know when the animals are acting up and being restless and can advise the group accordingly. Sometimes they carry weapons not because they want to harm the animals but for your safety. They tend to give you more information about the various animals that you see and their history. Touring the park on your own can be a cool idea, but unless you know how to speak lion, I suggest you use a guide.

Don’t run

Never run. Why do you ask? When you are at the park, and you start running for whatever reason, you trigger the animal’s minds that you are prey, and hence they need to hunt you down. Always try to be as calm as possible no matter the situation. Have you ever seen a lion run after an antelope? Which of the two won the race? Well, you don’t want to go to the Serengeti and end up being a meal.

Stay in your vehicle

You are excited to see all this different animals and curiosity might make you want to get up close. Please don’t, once you leave your vehicle anything and everything can go wrong. Try as much as possible not to have any of your body parts, e.g. your arms or legs, outside the car because an animal might attack you without notice.

Remove the Flash from your camera

Imagine you are near a herd of elephants who are minding their business, and you are busy clicking pictures away. Imagine your camera having a flash and startles the elephants; the next thing would be a rout. In the process of the elephants trying to save themselves, from whatever they think is about to attack they may do more harm and you could be a casualty.

Apart from the all the things to look out for when at the Serengeti enjoy and take in all the animals that you will see. So know that you can put the SERENGETI on your list for the next place to visit.