Many people want to delay travel until they are fully vaccinated. However, you may want to travel with unvaccinated children even if you get your total dose of the vaccine. In that case, you need tips to help you keep the kids safe.

Wear Face Mask

Ensure that you and the kids always cover the mouth and the nose with face masks. Wearing a face mask covering the mouth and the nose is required for traveling in buses, planes, trains, and other public transport methods. And this applies in the United States, UK, and other parts of the world. Also, wear face masks at transportation hubs like train stations and airports. Outdoor conveyance areas like uncovered bus top deck or ferry open deck areas may not require you to wear a face mask.

Maintain Social Distance

Maintain a distance of at least two meters or six feet in crowded spaces. If possible, avoid crowds when traveling with unvaccinated kids. Perhaps, you can train your kids to maintain social distance before leaving home. Ideally, maintain a safe distance from people that are not traveling with you.

Sanitize and Wash Hands

Always carry a hand sanitizer when traveling during the coronavirus pandemic. Also, make sure that your sanitizer has at least 60% alcohol content. If possible, wash your hands as often as possible. That way, you can avoid catching, carrying, and spreading the virus when traveling.

Although it’s challenging to avoid contact with other people when traveling, try staying away from people that are not fully vaccinated and not from your family or household. Instead, interact with family members and individuals that are fully vaccinated. Nevertheless, focus on your unvaccinated kids and guide them accordingly to ensure they don’t get the virus from surfaces and other travelers.