Even with the best travel plan, various things may still go wrong. Hotel and flight reservations get misplaced from time to time. Sometimes, it could be a result of human error or system malfunction. It may also be due to late bookings or the failure of your travel agent to make the required reservations. Nevertheless, the following are guidelines on what to do if your travel reservations go wrong. 

Contact your Travel Agent 

The job of a travel agent is to make the reservations for your travel needs including flights and accommodations. As such, they should be your first call whenever something goes wrong with the reservations. Your travel agent will try to resolve the issues with the airline or hotel in the most convenient way so your trip is not badly affected. 

Travel agents have reliable contacts that they can use to resolve the problems much faster and amicably without so much disruption. In case the inconvenience is a result of the negligence of the travel agency, they are entitled to pay you. 

Get in Touch with Customer Service 

The Customer Service for your flight or hotel can also come in handy whenever something goes wrong with your bookings. The contacts for their customer service agents can always be found on their websites. The agents will follow up on the issue as per the company’s policy and offer the necessary assistance. 

Depending on the problems with your reservations, the Customer Service may refer you to the department dealing with reservations or offer other alternatives. As such, the process may take some time. 

It is normal to panic whenever something goes wrong with your travel reservations. However, that only impacts confusion that could end up ruining your trip. The best way to resolving such situations is to immediately contact your travel agency or the Customer Service for your airline or hotel.