Before your trip, you always feel amazing, but once you arrive, your stomach starts hurting. I had that happen a few times, and my cousin Gabe told me the same thing, he owns the top rated San Antonio Body Shop out in the great ole state of Texas, and his top reasons contributed to that travel boat feeling, but first, travel bloat is entirely typical. In this article, you’ll understand why traveling makes you bloated.


Dehydration is the leading cause of bloating and, in some cases, constipation. Always strive to stay hydrated while on vacation and during your trip by keeping a bottle of water close. Some of us neglect our water intake during our trips and vacation.

Avoiding Exercises

We tend not to exercise much while on vacation or even move around. Most people look forward to recovery and rest while vacationing. But the more you avoid engaging in any physical activities, the more you’re likely to experience negative impacts on your digestive health. And this includes increased chances of experiencing travel bloating. Therefore, consider exercising more to avoid travel bloat.

 Consuming Carbonated Drinks

The environment at the airport has low air and pressure. Therefore, when you drink carbonated drinks such as soda in that situation, it’s likely you’ll experience bloating. Also, as we go higher in the atmosphere, gas will expand, increasing air in our digestive system. And this is among the primary causes of bloating in an airplane.

Food Allergies

Going on vacation is exciting and exciting. Since it’s a vacation, you get to rest and explore your destinations’ food and new tastes. This excitement often leads to overindulging in a variety of foods rich in carbohydrates and fats. And this leads to bloating since we might also overindulge in alcohol that hydrates the body leading to bloating.

Travel bloat is no fun. And that’s a collectively agreeable fact. But since you know the causes of travel bloating, you can work on them to avoid bloating during your future trips.